A Personalised platform for regional news publishing

Our innovative project “A personalised platform for regional news publishing” by Styria Media Services and 24sata (Styria Media Group AG) has been awarded the prestigious Google DNI Innovation Fund, earning a grant of 500,000 Euros. This intelligent platform brings to the field of publishing top-quality innovations in the field of improving content with the help of the newest technologies. This project will improve the publishing process on digital platforms, and it will be available to media outlets throughout the entire region, thus offering a better-quality, personalised experience for users, as well as clients, which has in recent years become a global trend in publishing. This will lead to an improved user experience through the promotion of relevant, interesting, and factually accurate content that is personalised for each user.

Styria Media Services and 24sata’s project was selected from hundreds of projects from the whole of Europe, all of which applied during the third round of competition for Google’s DNI Innovation Fund.

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