Willhaben Fashion Cam

Artificial intelligence features are slowly becoming industry standards in modern products and services in every niche. Now, they are being integrated into the Willhaben Fashion-Cam. The visual search project, originating from the Styria Innovation Incubator, provides a cutting-edge system to add machine learning methods to existing search agent features. This empowers users to search for classified ads using photos of interesting products using either a photo taken by the user, or one from an existing ad.


The goal was to enable our users to search Willhaben visually; that is, to search from images as a source of input and to retrieve visually similar results. We had to find a way to represent the visual features of each image in a way that is both rich enough (to hold information about color, texture, shape, and semantics) and capable of working at a blazingly fast speed. A convolutional neural network, in its original form, is basically a classifier method, which means its goal is to recognize what is on the image. The Data Science team of the Styria Digital Media Group trained such classifiers specifically for our needs, and afterwards actually dissected the network to utilize only the parts that specialized in the detection and recognition of different features and concepts. With a few mathematical tricks, it was possible to put the information into smaller vectors, which then served as image descriptors ready for comparison.

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