• AI for digital content publishers
  • Our AI drives biggest news portals in the region
  • NLP and Computer Vision for Classifieds and news publishers
  • Computer vision

    Deep Learning for Computer Vision

    Cutting edge R&D in the field of deep learning mostly focused on classifieds industry (online 2nd hand sales). Object detection and recognition, visual search and image tagging. Our first in the world application of visual search in classifieds is making Willhaben users happy helping them to easily find fashion items they look for since 2016.

  • Natural language processing

    Natural Language Processing

    Understanding texts written by humans through state of the art Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. High availability system optimized for speed based on NLP model is in use for recommending contextually similar news articles on largest Croatian news portal 24sata since H1 2016. Personalisation of news feeds and newsletters is a must have in the publishing industry so, based on NLP and other Machine Learning models, we are engaged in the development of state of the art models and bring them to the market.

  • Custom data science

    Custom Data Science R&D

    We offer wide range of consulting services related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. From business process analysis, monetization potentials identification and projects ideation to fast prototyping, full-scale R&D and implementation. Our services help businesses across the world in various industries, from agriculture, industrial manufacturing to new concepts in mixed and augmented reality. Our clients outside Styria group are both Startups and big multinational corporations from Scandinavia to China.