Amazing people

  • ...with a dizzying array of versatile talents can't wait to help you get started or strengthen your business.

Working with most recent technologies allows us to be one step ahead of the market.

Our strengths

We understand data and make sense of IT

Unique know-how of data science applications for online classifieds

We live and breathe all things publishing

Scalable High-performance cloud solutions

What is our focus?

Styria Digital Development’s Data Science team has already spent three years working intensely on the research and development of artificial intelligence technologies, with a focus on the processing of images (computer vision) and text (natural language processing) with successful applications in the media and other industries.

As well as being a regional centre for excellence in machine learning technologies, it is also recognisable on the global market thanks to its many successful projects for some of the leading global companies.

Our technological principles ensure availability, usability, safety and scalability.

High performing team

Our team consists of experienced and motivated data scientists, researchers and developers. We have several years of experience in machine learning, deep learning and putting these models into production.

Training a super-accurate machine learning model to beat a scientific benchmark is one thing, but putting the model into production to serve thousands of requests simultaneously is another story. We have expertise in both.

Styria Digital Development’s Data Science team

What we offer

Relaxing and fun working environment

Challenging tasks and cutting edge R&D

Reading (and writing) papers at the edge of AI

Attending top conferences and constant learning